The Demoman

Sticky grenades are where it’s at.

Very good. I love the rocket jump effect you did there.

I dont like the text, it looks rather ugly.

But the pose and the editing look nice, that crater and the jumping effect especially.

The grenade looks choppy, but it looks good overall.

yeah i suck at typography

Bah, it doesnt matter, you transmit the important message to the masses.
Rocket jumping is for pussies.

Go demoman!

Make a pro-soldier version and I’ll be happy :smiley:

Get out…
On topic: I like everything except for the soldiers left hand, I don’t know something seems odd about it… Pinky maybe?
Demoman pose is badass.

Nice man, I like their poses.
Are you going to enter this for the propaganda contest?

Amazing as always Uberslug

did right before I posted it :slight_smile:

awright, hope you win something.

That rocket jumping shock-wave effect is incredible.

Damn, looks like official TF2 concept art. But then again, can’t expect less from you :haw:

Very nice, like the posing and the angle, editing is good too.

but those aren’t sticky grenades >.>

You can launch yourself with sticky grenades, that’s what I was referring to.

I like the flowers under the text :smile:
And the rest of the pic too, of course :smug:
But I think that the demomans legs is abit too much spread apart.

How do you give it that artistic look? Is it a gradient map or something?

yeah basically. tint the darks one color and tint the lights another, it makes a really cool effect.