The demomans afro is on fire!

I found this screenshot in my gmod folder so I edited it. Nothing special. =]

Damn spy’s and their cigarettes…


Love Spy’s expression.


Really nice.

I’m just letting you people poke about in my universe :black101:.

but in all seriousness this is a really good picture, the spy’s stance is a bit weird though.

Very funny, and well done. Nice.

Lighting is awesome.

Like i said. Nice work.

Thanks =)

Now that you mention it his lower body does look a little strange…

Funniest pic all day. cheers!

Renember kids smoking is bad for you and the guy with the afro in your class.

Superb faceposing.

Disco Inferno!

Big fat red “x”.

I’ll have to try again in a few hours otherwise I don’t think it’s just me.

Oh it’s fixed.

Haha nice.

i see the red x kind of

I hate when that happens.

Strange. It works for me, maybe ImageShack was down or something.

Nice fire you got there :smiley:

Yeah, it’s all good here now. ImageShack was being itself I guess :v:

Cool picture, the Spy’s expression is great :slight_smile: