"The Desert Storm" Gmod movie

Hey Guys its been awhile since ive been on here,more like 4 months lol.Heres my 2nd gmod film i made.Its based off "The Desert Storm" war of Iraq in 1995. Hope you enjoy! This film took me weeks to make! Heres The Link-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNm9pPxfVkM

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That should help you a little bit.

“The War Lasted Several Hrs”
A+ movie

um… okay…

Who made it?

A+ History lesson.

I never knew that the entire iraq war lasted a whole several hrs, wow!

You should do more history lessons like this.

There’s now way this is a serious video.

I learned that we had great advancements in military technology like “Nuclear Dynamite”, I think he should do more as well.

Edumacatien Lerned me a book…

Jesus, I just lost 2 mins of my life.

This morning is starting very badly for me…

Here, have a fucking Oscar!


And a saxxy too.

Dude is new to this. Probably quite young to. Don’t be mean.

Is it suppose to be a serious video http://filesmelt.com/dl/v15.gif

that was

My uncle served and fought in Desert Storm. I’ll send it to him, and see what his reaction is.

Dude,dont kill your uncle!

Modern Warfare 3 Soundtrack is truly the best composer of our generation

the desert storm…
i remember it like yesterday
i remember it like… like i remember the second battle of the marne