The Destroyed City and Restless Soul of the Damned

I’m not sure bout the title. Oh well.



Holy fucking shit. That’s like…scary, but good at the same time.
It’s…scary good

Lol, who knew scary could be good, eh?

I love doing shit like this, even though it takes a long time to do it =/

A lot of that is scenebuild, except for a couple of buildings.

The blood coming down the severed head could have been alot better but the rest is really cool, especially the skull, the marks and cracks and shit on it are awesome.

Oh, awesome work on the severed head’s neck, it looks really cool.

This is very kewl. Nice work!

Well, I didn’t really know what a severed head from a body would bleed like so I went with putting a couple of blood splotches that look like it’s dropping from the head. I don’t know if I want to even find out what it would REALLY look like. =/

Thank you :slight_smile:

That looks incredible! I love the detail on the skull man nice work

The editing on the skull was accidental believe it or not, actually.

I went to texture it with bevel and emboss/texture, then started erasing some of it away. I thought it looked nice, so I left it. It came out better than expected :smiley:

Thanks for the comments all, this is probably my last picture up here for awhile.

creepy… I guess thats what you were going for though.

Indeed it was :smiley:

Any more comments? I don’t want this to sink to the bottom of page 1 so quickly :frowning:


That will do lol.

If there could be only one thing I could change in this picture, I would turn his left hand toward him a little more. And thats the only thing. Good work!

Mmm, I tried that, but the hand is very awkward to pose. It’d make some part of cloth that is under the suit, stick out. Though it’d be easy to edit out, the positioning would be very odd.

Any more comments? ;3

the hand doesn’t look like how it’s holding it could hold up a head but the rest looks great,why does he heave fleshy hands but not a face?

Iunno, just looks more badass :smiley:

Trust me, it’s easy to hold a head like that.


Beside the point that it doesnt really look like hes grabbing the head its awesome.

I did finger pose him to where the hand was grasping the hair/head. It just didn’t turn out quite as how I wanted :frowning:

Goodie. Nice edit. Love the head idea. His fingers goes in to her head though.