The devs should do something about all these hackers and bugs etc, because...


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Oh my god it’s terrifying!!! It’s also single player, which makes me think that something like this isnt really possible in a large multiplayer experience (at least not yet).

It’s rather hard to come across hackers in a Singleplayer game.

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Fucking ninja

If you haven’t noticed, that game is a single-player game- meaning there are no hackers and no multi-player bugs (the main source of bugs devs run into). Rust can be beautiful if you have the computer to run it at all power without skimping anywhere with [grass.on false] and the such. Also those graphics aren’t that realistic especially for a single-player game.

-P.S. you might want to learn a bit more about games, graphics, and consider that Rust is still in Alpha before posting another thread.

I know that game for a while. But a game is a game…

Someone make realistic things using for example Cry Engine, some make other kind of games in other game engine.

Rust is the biggest alpha I have ever seen for real.

ps: But yeah, I wish to have a game like Rust, but in a very horror error game as much as Silent Hill (+18 only).
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