The Difference Between "Facepunch's" Pictures and The "Russkinguy's" Pictures

hehe I had to


Applicable to every other '10er

Agree with the man above^

Fort you magnificent bastard. A masterpiece!

What about the alt accounts from 07’ers? :smith:

who the hell is this

That made me laugh that’s excellent, huge winner

Someone who uses MSpaint to edit and claims he has made things that he has not made.

A real use for the winner rating.

I like it because it has poop in it and poop is funny.

lol, but it’s kinda mean dude :slight_smile:

you haven’t seen what he does when he gets criticized for his pictures. Check out some of his threads, some are on page 2, and locked. you will understand why i made this

I’m not that bad.

Am I? D:

HAHAHAHA this actually made me laugh.

I think you might be giving a little too much credit to the rest of FP here

I’ve never made pots for FP in my life.

That is the most disgusting shit I’ve seen so far.

*Talking about Russkinguy’s poo

this is brilliant

full agree