The difference between good and bad and medic being questioned.

I got this idea from the LMAO thread…Ironically.

The bad use the innocent as shields.

The good are the shields for the innocent.

Posting the TF2 one because the CS one is mediocre at best…but it has a good message.

Your lighting is perfect but your poses are not.

I really like the shading on the spy on the third picture
posing could use work and pictures are generic, nothing is really going on

What’s wrong the TF2 posing. :frown:


No shading all ingame.

i know, but the spy has, i guess… really nice ingame shading :\

Lots of lamp practice :v:

I’m gonna go play BC2, will respond to comments later tonight. Feel free to C&C!

nice job bragging and adding an unnecessary bc2 into that sentence

sorry fixed the quote

wasn’t talking about the lamp

That’s not bragging…I’ve used lamps in every screenshot…And I’m just telling the truth :frown:

Posing is stiff and awkward on the hostage, the terrorist should be holding him at the neck with the bend of his elbow. Lots of empty space on all three pics. Posing looks stiff on the spy and his back looks really bendy, not to mention the legs are way too close to each other, the medic’s face also looks amazed rather than scared. Oh and the spy’s mouth isn’t open so how is he questioning the medic :v:

Too be very honest, I half assed the CS:S ones so I could put the quote in. Fixed the empty space, no idea what’s wrong with his back, spread legs, gotta remember that, and the medic is amazed…he got caught by a spook. And…A pictures worth a thousand words? :v:

The posing isn’t great. Pretty stiff.

Ahahah the medic’s face is just epic.