The Difference?

Hey everyone, for Christmas I want Garrys Mod but I’m not sure if I should get Garrys Mod 9 or the one that just says Garrys Mod (from Steam). Whats the difference? Which should I get?

Garrys Mod 9 is a free version, and no longer supported.

Garrys Mod, from Steam is GMod 10, get that

The paid GMod is only $10 and it’s just better in every way. I don’t even want to recommend trying out GMod 9 to see what the series is like, there’s been such a difference since then.

DO NOT get Garry’s mod 9. It’s super old, has loads of bugs, not supported, etc.

its infinitly better

Get Garry’s Mod 9 = Get a game full of shitheads, annoying pricks, viruses and lots and lots of crashing!
Get Garry’s Mod (steam) = Get a game full of great features, fun, innovative and friendly people and lots and lots of good times.

Garry’s Mod 9 is unsupported and no one plays it.
Garry’s Mod 10 is allot better, but i have to disagree with the above user because it’s hard to find friendly people.

Or find some rl friends that would want to play with you.

I highly recommend buying the version on Steam. It’s a lot better, plus you’ll receive support here if you have any issues. Garry’s Mod 9 is not supported anymore.