The DigitalEro Club House Map - WIP

Wanted to show off the map Evil Ash is currently working on.
He took the Plantation map from L4D2 and remade it. And I mean remade in every sense of the word.

Small corner picture is the original.

The entrance.

Female statues will be added.


Total renovation.

Custom textures.

The tub. Can be emptied and filled.

Also animated objects.

One of the many rooms.

To the Attic. Will contain bondage gear for dark pleasures.

Still not enough? Check out the dance room.

Ash is on vacation at the moment, but will continue the map when he comes back. Every room will be renovated and used for something.
This being FP I cannot show you the cock room for obvious reasons^^

Map will also get it’s own server so people can hang out, talk and have a good time. L4D1 and 2 will not be needed as Ash is including everything in the release.
Original Thread

So waddaya think?

Looks pretty good, but I’d at a lot more variation and greebles in order to spice up the rooms. From the looks of it, a lot of rooms and hallways are completely empty and the repeating textures are easily visible. There’s nothing that catches the eye, other than that room with the pink bed and sex toys. Furniture, erotic portraits (and by that, I mean classy artistic stuff, not amateur porn of anal fingering), and other things will definitely add a lot of color to the map. I’d suggest looking at gm_adventurers.

Also, the scale on a lot of the textures (specifically the basement) is kind of messed up. I’d suggest either lowering them or finding higher-res ones.

That was a problem. Some people wanted the possibility to scene build. Some wanted finished furniture.
So it will be one of those two. Not sure what Ash will go for. For the rest, this is WIP. It is far from done.

For erotic classic pictures. Interesting idea even if this isn’t meant to be a art museum.

It doesn’t have to be an art museum just to have something interesting. I noticed the whole place was designed kind of like a strip club, so erotic things would be abundant, and the hallways are extremely barren and need some color (such as pictures). Combining these two to make an erotic portrait would be good, but it would be ruined if it were a choppy cell-phone picture of a fat vagina, and not something like this (except something much more simple and vibrant.)

…Hell, I’m a little bored. I might make a custom one to send to your friend, Ash.

Thanks. I am sure he will find it useful. I for one like the idea.

I like.


Decompile the car models then recompile as prop_static. Currently their shadows suck.

Aw man, now I want to make a clubhouse too.

Id go there irl