The Disease #3

Rated NC-17 for extreme blood and gore, disturbing images, suggestive themes, use of alcohol, smoking, strong sexuality, partial nudity, over-the-top-violence. and strong language.


  • Work on it more, can’t really understand what’s going on.
  • Make it longer and explain better.
  • Work on your grammar for God’s sake.

Other than, keep it up.

I’m sorry. Your terrible spelling, grammar, and editing ruined it for me, and I found it more funny in a sad kind of way than suspenseful. Work on those.

Sorry about grammar, was in a hurry because i had to other series working on. But I have stated that I was going to make these short as I have to work on E&H and John mostly. But it’s not all that confusing once you read it over a few times.

It can get somewhere if given more work. But in the name of any grammatical god, spell check before entering any text.

The outside screenshot of the church looked very nice. What map is it?

Thanks. I found the map awhile ago and thought it would look nice for this series. You can fin it here:

(BTW, it’s an asylum, not a church. Why the hell would zombies go to church?)

There, here, everywhere