That’s right! the Displacment Cannon 2.0 is FINALLY OUT!
Don’t know what I’m talking about?
Here’s a Video that shows what the Displacment Cannon does!


isn’t is spelt Displacement not Displacment?


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am I supposed to re-create a thread now?

LOL how did you miss that. I mean I am dyslexic but even I spell check names before I upload something. Most of the time anyway. Oh well this gives you an excuse to make a 3v with more awesome features. Like if you teleport to much at a time it overloads and blows up. With a small explosion radius

I need someone to create a cool sprite for the portal effects
if someone could do something, that would help.

This is neat.

K, I’m gonna work on a newer version now, with better portals.

At least you spelt Displacer right.

Not to be rude, something about how you went at that video made me angry. Its a nice looking weapon but I about raged when i listened to how you directed the video…

New update will be uploaded this weekend!
What’s new in V2.5?
-You will be able to view the status of the displacer! (Heat, Power, ect.)
-R + E Will Remove both portals [Can only be used when both portals are created]
-R + Alt Will switch the locations of the portals
-Better Portal effects

This weekend, huh?

Sure is dead thread in here.

R.I.P. Displacement Cannon

Sorry, I was on vacation.
I’m gonna have to delay progress on the displacer until further notice.

UPDATED!!! Check link for details.

Timer Error: [@weapons\weapon_cm_displacer_new\shared.lua:776] Tried to use a NULL entity!
[@addons\displacer cannon\lua\weapons\weapon_cm_displacer_new\shared.lua:717] bad argument #2 to ‘random’ (interval is empty) link, when holding down right click and getting the portal beams

Mine appears to either be critically broken, or my computer, for some unfathomable reason, can’t take the graphics stress (Though that shouldn’t be it. It’s brand f- ing new, and can use everything else that i install with, at worse, a half second of screen pause.) also, it shows up as my gravgun, instead of the gun you show in the video.


Can’t use it because when I try to open the console in-game Gmod crashes. Have had this error for months, please just post how to use the damn thing somewhere instead of having to use the console…

I can bind keys in the intro screen, but in-game I can’t do shit. And $dm wm comes out as an unknown command.

EDIT: I figured it out by going to the lua file.

Honestly? The controsl are NOT complex enough to warrant a console command. You can very easily post them either on the download page or in the description itself.

Great swep though, the original was my favorite addon, and now this one’s even better! My only complaint is that placing and removing portals is a particle spam and could cause lag for some people with crappy computers.

Oh yeah, I’m making a classic version that uses the original model from Half-Life Opposing force.
As well as the original portal sprites, That should be released in a week or so.

This is absolutley Awesome. It’s a very fun take on teleportation in gmod, and so versatile!

I do have one suggestion/request though. I suggest adding a method of generating portals (at least an exit portal) at a location provided by the user, using coordinates. Even if it’s a chat command like !setdcexit 280,267,590

Obviously not what you originally intended to do, but I see this as a very versatile telportation addon, and would love to see that expanded.

One thing bothers me, the cannos creates hundreds of independant effects, this is quite laggy, the whole beam spam could be done using 1 effect.