The Displacement Cannon 3.X Series!!!!

What’s new in the 3.X Series you might ask? Well. Take a look at this video:[/h2]

*[Video is not blocked everywhere except for The United States and Canada. Due to me being stupid and using a copyrighted song.]* [h2]How to use[/h2] To use the Displacement Cannon, You **must** first select a fire mode. To do this, press your "Reload" button, to open the config menu, then select your desired fire mode.


Most features of the Displacement Cannon will not work unless an exit portal is created.

[Details of fire modes in the video]

[h2]Download Now![/h2]

[h2]Known bugs[/h2]

  • Sounds are a bit glitchy in multiplayer.

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Happy Displacing!

Why the fuck did you link this thread in LMAO pics?

If your release is so shit you need to advertise it in LMAO Pics it’s not worth releasing.

Oh look, portals…Well that’s new.

I like the part where you stole this from toybox, then said it was yours.

I had hoped for a cannon that actually changes brush displacements in a map on the fly. That would be cool. This has been done before.

You do know that I made the older version right?

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I’m the one who made the older versions even check the authors

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Even check the old thread

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To Clear things up
LegoGuy : Facepunch name
COMPUTA_MASTA : My old name
ARitz Cracker, My current name

I love how if you spam primary fire without setting a firemode it unnecessarily slays you and has your kiddy, terribly-recorded voice going “READ THE INSTURCTONS DUMBASS!”

misleading name :v:

I don’t want to underscore how cool this thing it, but how did you make the cosmic-cube looking things in the screenshots?

Video not available in my country due to copyright reasons - FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

looks pretty cool

will provide useful lua reference

Here's a working Video that some guy made

Pain in the ass to use, the controll menu is really annoying.

Then how else are you supposed to use all the features?

Limit the functionality to what’s really necessary?