THE DIVISION MODELS | How to get them ?

Hello all.
I am looking for a method to extract *Tom Clancy’s the division * 3D models.
I am a big noob in game extracting :wavey: so a detailed tutorial could be very useful for me :slight_smile:
If anyone have a solution ?

The divison file are in .sdfdata , i could send screen or file if you need them :slight_smile:

Thanks for all

The game just came out not that long ago, dude. You might want to give the folks that actually got it some time to both play the game and do some research on how to rip/extract content from the game before asking.

Yes you are right, i will wait but may be some people have already tried to looking for a solution ?

I’m pretty sure someone ported some Cleaner models into 3d Max in the Models and Ports thread, I’d check that place.

Yes i have seen them, 3 cleaners by luxox18

Up Not sure if he posted a DL link on that thread mentioned but this is his DA page, he usually doesn’t post the download link with the pictures not sure why. But if you message him, he might send the files.

I just want the props to make maps, like I have some epic ideas. If any one does know, and would be happy ripping them feel free to message me :slight_smile:

I posted the download links in the The Facepunch Model Ports and Hacks Thread V4 - STILL NOT A REQUEST THREAD but here are again.

I can convert all models now, but I have a problem with textures :confused:

How do you extract them, can you give us any clue, gracias :smiley:

pls let as know

Thanks luxox18 for links :slight_smile:

A quick render of the 3 model, rigging and rendered in Blender Cycle

For the method of extraction i see that we must use a tool call offzip.
After a lot of search on the web i finally found how to use it but i finally get a lot of DAT file (~6ko) and i don’t what to do with them :confused:

LMB soldier

For obtain correct textures you need to know the following information

diffuse textures (suffix *_d)// have no changes

Normal textures (suffix *_n) // The channels red and green are the same, you must replace the red channel by the alpha channel (copy & paste). The blue channel contains the ambiental occlusion texture, remove this for obtain an appropriate render (obviously you can use the AO texture, just exports the channel to a texture)

Material textures (suffix *_m) //These textures are composed by multiple other textures. Red channel is metalness texture (in some cases is black = no metalness). Green channel is glossiness, blue channel is mask texture, uses this for add detail texture.

the model in the folder cn_lmb_int (cn_lmb_int_shirt.obj) it is natively incomplete, maybe will be added in a next update or dlc.

The following textures for the following character are lost, if someone can capture the textures from the game please, post the files here ( don’t use Ninjaripper because the textures have wrong gamma values)

Detail textures

luxox, you are a God amongst men! Thank you so much for this. Now I just need to work out what to do to rip my agent!

Apologies for the double post, but the model cn_lmb_int is the custom shirt worn by the ‘elite’ Rogue Agents you fight. The rest of the model is made up of items that can be worn by the players, so I suspect that Massive decided not to put in a complete model and just have the shirt & head as the custom mesh model, and have the enemy’s file point towards the player meshes section when rendering it in-game.

Hey all,

I don’t wish to sound dumb, or impatient, but are there any files out there for the actual gear you can equip in-game/the skill models on the backpacks and whatnot? I’ve been searching for a few weeks now, but haven’t come across anything. If I owned it on PC I’d rip it myself, but I don’t :confused:

I have the Division, and I’d be glad to rip them but I don’t know how.

If someone can link me a guide on how to do so, I’ll provide.

Yeah, I’m also trying to work out how Luxox has done it, as I’m trying to work out how I can port out my character. I’m a daft noob, so it’s difficult for me to see what he’s done. :v:

Edit: The fact that he mentioned not using Ninjaripper due to gamma values makes me think he’s possibly not using that!

Monsieur_Lixm said that we had to use a tool called OffZip, and that the files are in .sdfdata, but apart from that it’s all we know. I’d assume all the gear, divtech, all that jazz are located in folders similar to the LMB files that Luxox released.

Ah yeah, so he did. I’ve been having a look at offzip, and I think I’ve got the basics, just need to find the correct offset, as +15 and -15 both throw up a lot of errors.

Monsieur_Lixm: I think if you decompress it into a single file, you’ll be able to have a look at it in something like HxD and see what is in the dat file. Also, which sdfdata file did you use?