The Doctor's Remedy

Hit it with a crowbar!



Hey guys! It’s been a while! So… a lot can change in 3 year hiatuses… everyone’s so talented with poses now-a-days.

So uh…

**Que “I Will Survive” vibe

Now I’m back, from lurker space!
I’ve been dormant for 3 years, but now I’m back to post some screens!
I’ve been so busy with schooling that I haven’t shown you my love.
But we are strong, and we know how to get along!

So let me know, how did I do?
I’ve been tinkering with new tricks and all I want is to improve.
Facepunch don’t let me down, because you’ve always been so true to me.
With C&C, ratings, and por-no-gra… record skipping**

i’m really liking the posing, but it’s quite empty in the back and the lighting is a bit boring. you should’ve put a much stronger, more saturated blue lamp at the back to make it look a bit more interesting, and maybe some more zombies coming up from behind. but other than that you’ve done a fairly good job here

“Take two crowbar bashes to the noggin and call me in the morning.”

Thanks Cone, I appreciate the insight. It’s true I could have done more with the background, and your lighting idea definitely holds value! :smiley: