The Doll Master


ha ha!

That’s great

Wow that’s nice and not at all what I was expecting lol

Its kind of weird the medic controlling the other medic it would be better if it looked like he was controlling all the other classes (not really a problem but I have to look hard for something to criticise)

i like it

we need an Announcer ragdoll though,it would fit more

I like it.

This is really awesome. You might not be the most incredible editor, but your originality more than makes up for it. Keep up the great work!

This is freakin awesome man!

That’s fucking weird… yet awesome!

Gselka is credit to the TF2 pics.

And of course it’s a medic…

The soldier’s pose looks like an in-game animation. When he runs backwards and reloads he looks exactly like that. I have to say, the concept is a new one. Very, very creepy too. Excellent work all around, keep it up!