The donut.

Not as good as my last comic, but oh well.

Just doing a bunch of short comics whenever i get a little idea really, trying to do comics more often.

hahaa I lmao’d

I’m the genie of a freakin’ donut, what do you expect?

I almost cry’d it was so funny.

Short but sweet. Sweet and tasty…


Hahaha. I know whats on the photo. :3

Nice work.

Don’t post multiple comics so soon! The lulz will kill me!

And that picture he holds will take place in the distance future know as loose cog

I too know what image lies on the photo.

Hush nexus! They know too much!

Well nexus is kinda right.


You made me laugh to another of your comics! I have only laughed to two comics before, in my whole life here. (BTW, you made both of them)
Sperb comic.

I did not laugh, ergo I did not feel the need to type backwards again.
You fail.

Despite that your faceposing remains top-knotch.

Fucking awesome as usual Mad. Keep it up >:3

Been a while since I was in this section. Good to see the quailty is still here.


lol how random :>

Lol, what the hell?

I lol’d.

Great one. I laughed hard.

Did I reply to this? hmm, I don’t think so.

It’s good.