The Doom Marine.

Now, i know there is one, but, i want the unmasked doom marine, either from Doom 3 or hacked together from models (fallout 3 ranger armor, ellis arms, wesker gloves, some sorta face and maybe chris redfields hair)

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Hey, if you can port the marine from the doom 3 expansion, sure, go ahead.

Didn’t fury161 or someone port the Doom 3 Doom guy a few years back?
I remember seeing his ugly mug somewhere in Gmod…

I don’t think anyone’s touched the RoE one though.

I did. I also did the RoE marine a few months ago, never released

Can i see it?


are you by any chance going to release these bad boys?

I always really thought these guys were really cool looking. Unknown released one ages ago, but the link has long since gone dry.

I don’t ever post in the requests section because I know the majority of the shit here gets ignored, but I think a solid port of the Doom 3 marines would be reallllllly cool.

you sir, are :love:


I would absolutely love to see a re-release of Doom 3 and Doom ROE. What great sci-fi action. I write and illustrate comics and Doom has a lot of great things to look at with what’s been done as far as technology and landscapes.

Well, ID is making Doom 4…

When was this information released? I’ve never heard of them working on it or anything…

Carmack himself said “Doom 4 will have 30 demons crawling everywhere, etc. etc. something 60 fps”

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Besides, they announced it awhile ago that they were gonna do Doom 4

Oh, seems like that new game is taking the cake with Bethesda and ID. Rage I think it’s called.

Yeah, and after that, Doom 4.

They announced about two years after Doom 3’s release that they’d be making a Doom 4, but never released any specifics. Carmack wanted to work on a new IP (Rage) before starting on Doom 4, though.
I remember reading somewhere that Rage’s Tech 5 engine was effectively just a stepping stone Carmack wanted to use on the way to Tech 6, which would support Tech 5’s near-unlimited texture memory, and in addition to that, a likely extremely high capacity for model detail to match it.

That was a few years ago though, it could have changed up a bit.

So are you saying that they’re going to be using Tech 6 technology on Doom 4? So this could still be a few years before we see the game? Rage looks amazing as is with the Tech 5.

That seems to be the most likely scenario at this point.