The Doomguy from Doom 64 (plus a bonus)

You guys like DOOM? Well how about DOOM 64? Well how about both?

Re-created Doom 64 guy made from the Captain Anderson model from Mass Effect 3, and a ranger helmet from Metro 2033.

Download him here. Includes a bonus classic Doomguy skin made by SN.

Pics made by SN and Infab.


GOor for porting Anderson
Bioware for making Anderson
Metro 2033 for the helmet
SN for making the Classic Doomguy skin.

yes, you are cool yet.


This is nice, I like the original game.
thanks for the models.

These models are rip and tearing, groovy.

Are you ready for some motherfucking DOOM!?

Now we have in Gmod DooM MainstreaM?
FucK. HellisH. YeaH.