The Door


What is the door?

It is a 30 Minute (Roughly) Garry’s Mod Movie. Following a man, and his dark life behind ‘The Door’. It takes place in the city of Extonville, Kazakhstan. That’s a rough description it is impeccably vague as the Story isn’t completely finished (Yet).

What do we need?

We are looking for:

James Brooke - Main Character, Focused on him. Requirements:
+Must have a microphone. (If you don’t you MAY be accepted if we find you a voice actor.)
++Must have experience
+++Must have ATLEAST 500 hrs. Total Garry’s Mod Playtime.

Jacqueline MacAndrew - James’ Lover, Semi Focus on her. Requirements:
+Must have a microphone
++Must sound like a girl
+++Must be mature.

Extras: Incl.
-Store Owner

Camera Men

There will be a public screening of the film at some point :confused:

The script will be given to actors/actress’

I’m not too sure if it’s a good idea to do that. I mean, it’s 30 minutes. Have you tried doing something above 5-10? The small 5 minute video shorts I make of my vehicles usually take days to make so all of the editing and filming goes right. For more important stuff, it took me and 3 other guys to get a 12 minute film finished in 6 days were we worked our asses off (8-14 hours of work every day, we were forced to use a week, no more no less). Shit’s tough, for a project like this which is going to be half an hour long, you would need months of planning and weeks of doing manuscript work.

If you can pull off a 30 minute film the good job - I’ll look forward for it. I’m just very doubtful at the whole project.

The door, that title reminds me of something…

It’s funny, I have never seen that film :confused:

What’s with his eye?

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I understand your skepticism Yes, I have. My longest film so far has been 22 Minutes long.

dunno, the film was one of the one man things, it didn’t get the actual public shit that most movies have.
his eye? not sure.

I have an idea for the plot
Someone opens the door
get on the floor
everybody walks the dinosaur

There is a door in it funnily enough. Someone opens it and then something might happen :slight_smile: