The down sides of Auction thing in rust

Lets say the average is 30$ when people buy the keys.
People like me and there are alot of people like me that want this awesome game and cant afford it.
So i found my self waiting hour after hour after hour for the auction to get to 3$ because thats what i can afford.
i were finding my self looking again and again on the 0/5 keys and saying god dam it why cant i have a bit more money to get it.
this is the down side of auctions.
Starts with high price ends with high price.
What im trying to say is that if there is a chance of having a bit help here maybe more keys so people can have a chance and get it on low price.
Maybe i dont realy know what but i will just love getting this amazing game combination of minecraft(my best game) and DayZ.
I hope you will find some way to help us atleast for the people that cant afford it and even if it wont be me but some1 else that cant afford it as well i will be happy.
GoodLuck selling this game for lots of people and having great time hope you understand me.
Thanks a head Lior.

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you were waiting until it was three dollars. i can’t wait to hear what kind of computer you have.

I have the normal average one like core I 3 i just got new one took me year and more to upgrade but im not here to speak about other stuff in my life just want to have that game for a bit cheaper so even people with 10$ can have it.

Is there a forum somewhere I can go to complain about McNasty’s not selling me a big mac at the price of a mcdouble? 'Cause I really, really wanted a big mac, but all I had was a dollar…

Oh boy, if there was I would be there in a heartbeat. [s]
I also heard I could use condoms to avoid you. :stuck_out_tongue: (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

This thread is not for kids so please get your ass away from my thread and go have fun with your money and funny jokes some where else.

I can’t afford everything. I have a decent paying job, but I never slight people for paying less than me, or only affording X amount where I can afford more. That said… I’m a little shocked, disappointed, and blown away that you expected to buy this for $3.

I paid roughly $40… and it was well worth the price of admission now, and in the future. But to expect to pay anything like what you’re wanting to, for a current generation PC game (albeit indie game)… is ridiculous.

Jokes aside, you’re not going to get the game for $3, ever. Do you really think that this game is only worth $3? The rest of the world seems to think that it’s worth well over $30, so I think you are completely wrong. They’re trying to make money, here.

How adorable. :v:

P.S. why is it garry’s problem if you can only afford $3 to buy his game? He’s running a business, not a charity. The auctions right now are a fair way of getting Rust keys to the people who want them the most and are prepared to pay more than others. If the auctions can start consistently dropping to $5, then everyone who wanted a key and actually has money has already bought the game.

Also, it won’t be on auctions forever; Rust will go through Steam Greenlight when it’s ready.

Come back in about 10 years, might be down to $3/key then.

You all just bunch of kids that dont realize the real main problem im not speaking about i only want this game for 3$ and ofc this game worth alot more then 3$ but im just saying its unfair to have people with money get better chance buying this instead of people that lets say can afford alittle bit more then 10$
Because imo this game sells average 30$ and alot of people cant get it.
So how did you even got the idea that this game worth 3$ i never said it is.
It was like amature topic to speak about.
Were looking for a people with my problems and not people that here to say i bought it for 40$ so yeah come back later and try getting more because i got the money to afford it and you dont have it.

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and btw about the i have a decent paying job, i cant realy work when im 16 and the only money i ever get is small amount for food from my parents…

Every regular person should be able to afford a game for at least 20$. That you can’t afford anything above 3$ is just silly. Secondly, you should be able to get a job still tho you are 16. But again, I don’t know how it is over there, but come on…

If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t have it in the first place. Don’t get me started on “i can’t afford more than $3!” If you seriously can’t, then you should be worrying about food and survival, not entertainment. Auctions are fair, because the people willing to pay money for the game will get higher priority. If you aren’t willing to pay for the game, then just get off the internet and get a job. Only 16? You don’t need to get a job, mow people’s lawns or something. That itself gets you more than $3. The amount of laziness you have is earth-shattering.