The Dragons UV maps are causing issues

as it stand my Grigori model from Dragon’s Dogma has been rigged and all that, but at the time I thought I would make my life easier to join the two parts of the model combine it into one remove the double vertices so there wouldn’t be any gaps in the mesh… OH BOY HOW STUPID CAN I BE!!! because I thought the UV’s wouldn’t do anything on this level of crap… and I tested this method for a t-rex model I got from Cryengines VR demo, this didn’t happen so why did it happen with a dragon >:( (this is just how I am when i’m pissed at myself, no one is to blame but me)

so it is at this point I come here for advice before I put my head through a wall… yes I am very enraged by this horrid burden… so please if someone has advice, maybe some screenshots to share because I tend to learn better with visuals… please help

Uhh what’s the problem? The pictures aren’t showing anything wrong.

Select the UVs, then press S then Y to scale them vertically, then press G then Y to move them.

thank you its fixed now… i’d give you a gold star if I had one (thus I die happy)