The dreaded datacache.dll crash.

I still have no idea why it’s occurring, does anyone have the slighest idea why it’s happening and how I can fix it?
I’m on a E3-1270-V3 at 33 FPS.
Crashed at 51 players.
The last four logs before crash were:
A got knocked out by prop_vehicle_jeep 1755
B got knocked out by prop_vehicle_jeep 1755
C got knocked out by prop_vehicle_jeep 1755
D got knocked out by prop_vehicle_jeep 1755

A, B, C, D all became ragdolls at once.



More information would be lovely. Does the server not start, starting logs, was this a one-time crash, etc.

This happens randomly, but at a rate of once every two days. It happened about 5-6 times so far.

Post the dump of the crash so we can look at the stack calls.

Every one of those dumps is a datacache.dll crash.

I also uploaded the 5 new ones to
Latest to oldest:


None of these dumps seem to have any reference to jeeps, only to the loading of the css vpk.

So CSS is corrupt maybe? I just ran app_update -validate on CSS and it checks out fine.

Last Crash: 18th Sept.
Latest Crash: 21st Sept.

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And one more

I can’t be the only one with this issue, does nobody else experience this?

Does it only happen when the server is that populated and only on that specific map?

Well, we only use one map and that’s v2d_sexy_v2
It was crashing when we were using v2d and v33x also. I don’t see the map being a problem as many other servers use it without a problem.
It happens randomly. Sometimes there are less than 20 players online, sometimes more than 40 players.