The dreaded "failed to lock vertex buffer..." error, need help.

I’ve done my homework on this as thoroughly as I could before coming here. What I found was that most people suggested resetting your computer, reinstalling GMod, removing 3rd party mods, etc. I tried all of these things yet the problem persists. Basically for those unfamiliar the error is this:

Failed to lock vertex buffer in cmeshdx8;;lockvertexbuffer

It crashes your Gmod.

The specific scenario in which this is occurring for me is when playing in the map de_haunts, which can be found here:

I am attempting to add weapons to it for TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town), but even when I simply run the map without bringing up the TTT editor, or even having TTT installed, the game still crashes and I am given that error.

What I found was that while moving around indoors in the map, my game is fine. When I go outside into an area where I am interacting with the skybox however, it crashes almost immediately. This has led me to believe it is a skybox related error, perhaps an incompatibility with the map and Gmod10. However, I had a friend try it on his computer, but he was able to run the map fine with no crashing at all.

My system’s specs for reference:

Intel Core i5 @2.67 processor (quad core)
4.00 GB of RAM
nVidia 9800GT graphics card (I updated drivers just today)
Windows 7 32 bit OS

Is there any advice on this issue that I haven’t found yet? I’ve tried everything I’ve seen on other forums.

Thanks for the help.


haha, the legendary failed to lock vertex buffer. No one knows how to fix it!:frowning: It happens to me to alot. But it has nothing to do with gmod, its the same with CSS :S

really? because when i load the map in CSS i dont have trouble with it at all. i was talking to someone else who experienced the problem, i think it may have to do with the direct x version the computer is running, one because the error dialogue itself refers to dx, and others with the same error ive noticed are running dx11