The Duel (karimatrix vs turtlehead)

Turn this on for that ‘special’ western feeling:

(you know what to do for full size)

Read, reply, rate… all those things are much appriciated.

Win! I lol’d for 2 minutes after I finished it xD

You guys are starting to over load the comic section with personal skin material, we all remember what happened last time.

You cried?


also, great comic.

Hah, nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Enhanced, you make a really good rolling bush.

Rolling AI part was just plain awesome.


heh heh heh thats so wacky xD

Oh my god, the ending made me laugh “BOOBIES!!!, BOOBIES BOOBIES BOOBIES BOOBIES!!!”

I didn’t know you got a sex change. Congrats man.

Apparently she’s allways been a girl.

Why is what i said dumb, it’s just what i heard.

Did he have a sex change then or what.

We got a random Dumb rater in the thread?

Turtleheads a girl?

Oh shit, that means I DID impregnate here <:(

I shall visit her tonight. :smile:

T’show its done boys.

Someone just got served.

wait what? since when’s TH a girl? o.0

Anyway… who won?

the boobies won the duel it seems

They do everytime

Hey, that was my thought too.

The first one.