The Dupe-Cube

This is a somewhat advanced request, but here goes:
Have you ever built an awesome contraption, but it wasn’t all constrained together, and wouldn’t work constrained? How can you use Advanced Duplicator to dupe this? You can’t! I propose a solution! This would be a STool, where reload would spawn a “Dupe Cube”. It is a completely clear cube, with the effect handles (The green circles on effects) on each of the intersections (Corners), and one in the very middle. The points are all connected by the Physgun Beam rope texture, except for diagonal ones (So only horizontal and vertical angles would have this.) It would start the size of the player, and you grab the middle circle to move the entire thing, and the corner circles to resize it. You place it around what you want to dupe, and take out your tool gun, and right-click, opening up a save menu! You save it, and the rest works like the advanced duplicator (Upload/Download to/from server). Does this make sense?

Shift+Right Click with the adv dupe tool.

That works, unless you’ve made something HUGE, or with lots of unattached parts.