The-dutch-guy's rain tutorial (gimp).

Some people where asking me for a rain tutorial so here it is (horay!).

Images made with the tutorial.

Let’s start

Image provided by joazzz.

Now in gimp go to layers/new layers and make two layers a transparent one and a white one. Now make make a layer menu you will need it. Now select the white layer in the layer menu and select ‘‘multiply’’

Now that that is done go to **colors/

Now it is transparent too. Next step: Select the transparent layer. Go to filters/Noise/Hurl make sure that randomize is on! Of course make some noise now. Now you should have something like the image below.

Now that that is done select the transparent layer again and go to filters/blur/motion blur Now you should do something like this.

Now that that is done go to colors/in dutch follow the pic and follow my instructions (you can use Color to Alphaa like in the first pic to make it less heavy).

Now do what is in the pictures below

then use the motion blur again.


The rain in the result is quite bad.

And you still aren’t removing the errors at the bottom and sides of the picture.

Great job. I like the tutorial.

Thanks, I will correct the spelling and tell how to make less heavy rain later.


I don’t have a clue at the moment how to fix it.

It’s not very good. There’s seams at the edges, and it just doesn’t look like rain.

It sucks and I’m off to google to find a better one.

Fixed i accidentally used the wrong filter at one point i will change the tutorial tommorow.

Could use a lot of improvement.

Another result, pose by Souly.

It’s pretty bad. Again it just looks like it’s on the camera and not in the world and the lightening isn’t giving off any light. No splashes make it hard to believe. You need more layers with different variations of rain and depth-of-field.