The community

Dynamic Effect is a small community with 2 servers currently.


Prisonbreak is a gamemode there you are either a prisoner or guard.
As a guard you should command the prisoners and if someone rebel or dont follow your command you should kill him.
As a prisoner you should follow orders or find weapons so you can kill the guards.

I’m currently working on a credit system that will be featured on all our current and feature servers.
I’m also working on other gamemode projects buy those are not worth posting until they are at a further stage.

But for what Gamemode you make the system to can buy hays,trail and such ??

Its a addon for all of our servers.


can i ddos?


exiled cosmos effect pulsar dawn gaming

Informative but what are you talking about?

id be doing everyone a favour

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also newbee you have so many admin abuse reports on you its funny

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I know right.
People love me.

Why would you be doing evereyone a favor by ddosing us?

because this is another community with nothing to stand out from the others

We got our prisonbreak gamemode, coins system, admin addon and we are working on more…

prisonbreak lol

You have not even tried it yet.

ive tried multiple ones on CSS and gmod and I highly doubt yours is not full of screaming children yelling OMG FREE KILLER

This is the first attempt in garrysmod I think, I’m not sure about that though.
And this is diffirent than that hosties thing you’re talking about.

no theres thousands and they all suck
btw whoops again

Still this is something else than the gamemode you are thinking about

Also i’d doubt that there’s thousands as there are no public Prisonbreak gamemodes out there.

your website and servers aren’t working why

Probrably cause the host is trying something new. It happens sometimes.