The Earthquake

I just had to make this after being in a bad mood all day. I don’t even remember how long this took me to make, but I know I got crazily detailed with the fallen building.

Takes place several days after a large metropolis is hit by a massive earthquake. People fight each other for supplies in these dying ruins while avoiding other hazards the city has for them.

I just realized how messed up the awnings look.

If you spent so much time on detailing the building maybe you could explain where it fell from

like; was the building just in the middle of the road and it kinda tipped over?
the building placement doesn’t really make any sense and the rest of the map is pretty ugly since it’s gm_bigcity
your composition is really wonky and your angle is pretty bad as well; I didn’t notice there was a guy walking in the lower left corner until I really looked at the picture

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I see a lot of potential and it seems like you sort of know what you’re doing; it’s just that there are some glaring issues with the image.

Yeah, I didn’t notice that about the building until it was complete, which almost made me ragequit until I just decided to deal with it anyways.

I would also suggest not using gm_bigcity unless you can make us 100% sure it’s not gm_bigcity by dressing it up so much you may as well make a new map.

Image is too small, mate. Can’t C&C what I can’t see.

Great job bro keep it up

Also, doing that right now.