The ekremes korin pack

the ekremes korin pack what happend to it i cant find it any where if some one can find it put it up on related files thanks

what is it

0_0 its a pack of chicks i think it was for gmod 9

Define, ‘chicks’.

You mean little baby chickens, right?

nope yuor not smart are you sexy models duhhh

No reason to be hostile towards someone trying to help you.

It most likely got deleted. Simple.

Your the one that is not smart.
Learn how to spell.
And he was being sacastic.
Learn it.


I’m with stupid.


so what im emo big freaking deal

I’m not gonna post what I was about to post, my ban senses started to tingle.

Anyway, if it’s for GMOD 9 the owner probably removed it to encourage people to move to GMOD 10.

Pose for the camera!

apparantly this damn guy sparked it off

little faggot