The Elder Scrolls told of their return, the defeat was merely a delay, but the time after Oblivion opened

The truth dawned in Sharks.

The Elder Scrolls 6


But there’s one they fear… In their tongue it is rubber sharks!

Words cannot describe how awesome this is. One question, is the Legion armor a separate ragdoll or accessories on another ragdoll?

It’s all a ragdoll, i remember downloading it in the skins/releases section like a long time ago, it had the dark brotherhood robed dude too.

Stop! You violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.

Pst. Oblivion is the place to which the gates open. The gates themselves are not Oblivion.

I love you man.

The gray highlights really bother me although the pic is awesome otherwise.

Ah dang it i just noticed i forgot to put it in a frame, is the pic slightly dark for anyone else? Cause i made it on another pc?

HALT right there N’wah scum, by almsivi forfeit your sentence or serve your hard labor. Your stolen strawberries are now forfeit

once again you display extreme win, crazy knife

-yes this is late, but oh well-

There are no words…

You make the most intense pictures.

Haha! Good work CK, love the posing and editing!

Can I have a link to all those models please? Mainly the knights.


Does anyone have the links to the models in the picture?

Dude i don’t remember the link but it was in the releases section like 6 months ago. it was called “Shit i ported” it was made by “EPIX” but if the link’s not there i could try and figure out how to extract them out of my gmod folder, tell me what file endings you need cause i have no clue. Like vvt or vtf or something? Idk, if you tell me i can find the files on my old pc and give em to you

i’d like em’ too