"The elevator is out. Guess we get some extra exercise now."

Metro is my only inspiration at the moment.

Climb the elevator cable like real men

this is awesome :buddy:

You make best Stalker/Metro 2033 poses ever.

Love all of your poses, keep it up.

We need someone to port more models from Metro 2033!

Is that guy on the ground supposed to be dead or is he looking at the elevator?

Anyway, the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture (before I read your text) was Metro 2033, so obviously your inspiration is working.

He’s looking into the elevator. There was going to be a body sticking halfway out, but, said screw it.

Looks good.
Love the shadows.

PU scope on a revolver? Damn. I never noticed that ingame.

It’s the Hellsing.

nice i like it and i was thinking something completly diffrent with a man and women stuck in a elevator

Good mindset.


Stalker Backpack?


The guy’s face says “Well, we all know there are mad fucking ugly monsters in there, but I’m afraid that’s the only way to get porn”