The Emperor of Destruction [SFM]

1st time posting here. Might as well put up one of my favorite shots for a WIP model. If you know your sci-fi, and you’ve seen my posts, you might already know who it might be:

Edit: Based on this popular image:

we’re all nerds here, i’m pretty sure everyone and their dog recognizes Megatron

the pic itself, uh, where do i start? what’s going on? why is the background empty?

Forgot to mention that I had three takes on this image. All of which were based on this popular image:

I choose this version because I thought the angle was a bit better at hiding Movie Megatron’s stretched out “neck” that was still attached to his body. I’m still new at getting a hang with some odd poses that I might have to remake this again. :v:

a tip for lighting: don’t point a single bright lamp at the scene from behind the camera. especially a white one. look up three-point lighting. SFM has an advanced shading and lighting system, try to get everything out of it.

as for the angle, i would have probably used something like this

because right now Megatron’s fist and Baytron’s head are one garbled mess