The Encounter

I haven’t created a picture in a very long time. So I spent some time on this to see if I have any skill left.
I appreciate honest criticism, so please tell me what you think it.

That lighting looks way to good to be Gmod.
Very nice.

I like the way Fararon Dumb Rates every picture that isn’t his.

Sometimes he rates them funny, too.

Well I can’t lie, the lighting is ok but the composition is pretty bad.

That tiny microscopic pistol is going to do a lot to that T-Rex isn’t it?

That may be intentional, it’d make a pretty scary situation.

I really like this. It’s fearful. The setting could have been done much better, though.

like seriously, where the fuck are they? I feel like this picked up after the dinosaur and you have just finished having a tea party inside that cottage and you ended up spilling his tea in a disagreement and now it’s a full-out battle to the death.

that’s a fine looking t-rex model.
where’d you get it from if i may

Haha, holy shit I just went through a couple threads on here and Fararon has dumb rated all of them.

that’s dedication right there

I got it through the toybox through gmod.

Funion vs. Fararon, 1 on 1.