The end days

Just a little promo picture for my upcoming comic. I haven’t made a screenshot in ages, so here you go. Not much action going on, but hopefully you can still enjoy it.


Please C&C :slight_smile:

Well it looks good but what’s with the dramatic difference between outfits? Either she’s going to freeze to death or he’s going to die from heat exhaustion.

Yeah totally agree, but I’m having a hard time finding suitable models for this comic. Female especially. Currently trying to find someone who’s willing to do a few headhacks for me.

Yeah say no more, I remember how many times I had to completely scrap an idea just because I couldn’t find an appropriately dressed model.
Anyway bravo otherwise.

Yeah it’s hard to believe though, considering how many models get ported every single day.
One of these days I will finally get around to properly learning how to port. I actually know how to do the 3D stuff, getting them into source however…

Looks good, posing is solid. Not really much to say besides that, looking forward to the full comic.

whos the guy on the right?