The End of CoderHire

Well, as many of you may already know; CoderHire is closing down. (

So, I thought I’d make a page so we can discuss how much we love/hated it.

Personally, I think it was an amazing service that awarded developers and made the majority of servers out there just a little bit more interesting.

(If you’re being big-headed and want to post a reply about how much you hate the servers which say they were ‘Custom’. Then please actually think of something a little more intelligent to comment.)

If Coderhire shuts down and nothing really changes, i.e people don’t start releasing lots of new content, majority of servers don’t bother to try making their own custom content, so many Facepunch users are gonna look like right cunts

I am sad to see the site go. I personally don’t think the site was ruining gmod because I understand that not everyone sees the game the same way I do.

On the other hand, I am very interested to see what happens from here. People aren’t going to suddenly stop wanting to hire coders for work, so there’s no need to worry about that, providing there is a coherent place to do so. Hopefully the Addons & Releases forum will be a bit more active; I look forward to seeing what people create!

I see this as a good thing! No more kiddy Servers xD

I agree. But personally, I don’t think the Addons & Releases will increase in content all that much. A lot of the developers - shamefully including myself - were motivated by money. Even the people who continue to develop new scripts will must likely keep them private to benefit their servers/community rather than other people.

As a server owner, it’s kinda weird to see it go, I started my server far past the coder hire launch so running a server without it might be weird, But, getting more unique work done might also be good. Seeing as how I’ve spend $200 > on scripts, most of which I don’t use, this might get me to stop spending money, but it still might be annoying at times and I’m going to most likely look forward to see it re-open.

Great, now all we need is a GMod update to break all the current CH addons.

I dont think you guys get it…coderhire was the only place me and other newbie coders could go to learn more about GLua (By helping and figuring other peoples stuff out in the jobs section). This is not what we were wanting! We wanted competition between sites to promote better conditions ( I know I sound like a labor union rep)! Not one site closing so another site would pop up that would be more unreliable and unsafe for devs and consumers! This means that all of the people from coderhire that need help are going to flood these forums and such!

This is terrible :frowning:
Many of you may disagree, but for an aspiring coder, this is tragic.

Isn’t… that what the Developer Discussion section of facepunch is for ? (Learning to Code)

People can be very harsh to newbies on there…
Source: I was a newbie and still am a newbie.

Yeah, I guess that makes sense, I still get smashed when I post something newbie there.

But still, if your feelings are hurt from some words some trollface says your never gonna get away from that on the internet, coderhire or no,
it just doesn’t matter where you go, theres bound to be assholes there.

Go forth and tell Garry, Lord and ruler of Garry’s Mod.

i’m on it

fix it adam@@

No more greed (mostly), I guess. 6 more sins to go…

Time to go back to Lua Hire thread. Oh man do I remember accepting jobs through that. Until an inferior site similar to Coder Hire is created.

Im going to miss Brandons menus :frowning:

Sad to see CoderHire go. Maybe it will come back? Maybe a new alternative that can actually be trusted comes around? Probably not, but its good to be hopeful.

Its not closing till the 30th! Quick everyone post your jobs and scripts!

I’m just worried the job request spam will increase in here
And this won’t do much in the way of making servers more unique, everyone will keep copying each other, only this time from other sources

Let’s remove the nude models from the workshop while we’re at it.

With Coderhire going away, is there still a place to hire coders to do jobs? I remember seeing a place here that was similar, but I haven’t been able to find it recently.