The End of the Blues

Haven’t made a comic in a long while so i needed to do a little practicing… Don’t expect anythin’ ground breaking now

Pretty nice thing you made here.

I wish for more :golfclap:

That soldier may have been a pussy at the end but :saddowns: :h:

Thanks :love:

I liked it :smiley:

I was expecting to have some sort of flashback when he said he doesn’t remember how it all started

personaly I thought he was going to do some crazy shit at the end.
but nice comic any way man keep them coming.

good comic :smiley:


(i don’t care if i’m overusing that, it expresses perfectly!)

cool, looking forward to future ones

Alternate ending where the blue guy throws the Bonk! into the red’s eyes and escapes.

Well, the layout is pretty much the same, although it sometimes fades, and you go experimental.
I would like to see you go even MORE experimenta, using more routes :slight_smile:

Also on a completely un-related note;

… What the hell is going on.

Oh wow that’s a lot of interactivity

Im going to make an interactive just to add to that.

I miss the old days when people actually made series’s. :ohdear: :emo:

People do make series.

It’s my fault for starting “no more milk” up again and reminding people that interactive comics are possible.

I swear it happens every time i do a “no more somthing”

SO this is YOUR doing?

Actually, no, it started far before that.

totally awesome , great work GoldenBullet