"The End Run" -- Shepard's team is dead, Earth is burning and some reaper's servants are comin' closer.


Comparison: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/99662

Comment are very appreciated!

He’s looking at the player saying, “You suck.”

Yep, “The hell du-ude?..”

Awesome and all, but I’m pretty sure the collectors wouldn’t be working with the orange mercs. At least that’s what it looks like anyway.

I assume they are Cerberus operatives and, as far as we know, Cerberus works for Reapers in the third part of the game.

I see no collectors, only Geth/Reaper stuff.


I’m lost here, guys. Do my works really look so similar to Urbanator ones? I’m asking because for me they are pretty different, from the level of performance to color schemes and lightning.

I assume they are implying we share a few similarities in our editing, such as the use of dust/smoke and colours in lighting, among other things.
Although I am gonna try a few different editing styles (although I bet they’ll just turn into my usual stuff heh).

Regarding the pic, I’m not sure it was a good idea to have Shep staring into the camera, and maybe some superdof/gaussian blur could have been useful. But the texturing is rather good and I can see you’ve put a lot of work into this.
I particularly liked the impact hole in Tali’s visor.
So good job sir! Rated wood.

Yeah, the direction of his sight is a problem. Didn’t notice it after few hours of Photoshop, so it’s my bad.

this would have been much better IMO if Shep was grimacing and ejecting a thermal clip from his pistol

still, p. cool

Looks like some overdone photoshop that all the russians do now adays.

Probably you’re right, but I didn’t want to make him very agile after he got at least three bullet wounds.

Shame on poor Russia.

Your style is quite similar to Urbanators, but that’s more of a compliment then anything, both of you have a very nice editing style.

Very nice picture as well!

Nice work, i love the posing and the pic’s atmosphere!

The editing is really good, but the composition and posing are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Also that orange guy’s left leg is fucked up

Could you please tell me what’s exactly wrong about the posing? For me it looks ok, so I’d like to hear your opinion.