The Enemey have taken our Intelligence!


sorry for big screenshot

Why aren’t they stupid?

Why do they have to be stupid?

The bloom is shit,and the stupid thing was a joke from intelligence silliness, a TF2 webcomic.

Go to the bloom menu and set the darkness to one and the passes to zero, because Jesus that bloom is SHIT.

Com’on Enhanced, be nice :3

Bad posing, and I can’t really tell if you had any AA on.

The guys shooting look like their feet are cemented into the ground. It would look a little livelier if they looked more like they do in game, or like they’re moving a little bit as this happens. Also, scout is holding his gun wrong, that little dip in the stock is meant to be used as a grip.

Do you think is thats easy posting fucking gayass stupid tf2 ragdolls? but i agree his AA need to be on


wait… I SEE THE GNOME!!!

Yes, it is easy. You just need to be good.

Oh, yes it is, why do you ask?

Not an excuse though, if it is, that just says the poser doesn’t really care, and will settle for some bland, half assed poses because they were difficult to pose.

I dislike the way you are, your pictures(only good part of you) wont make me love you.

^You really don’t know him then.

He’s giving C&C. It’s hard to be nice when criticizing.

A lot of posing is off
The bloom hurts
I can see that there’s no faceposing, even though it seems like it doesn’t make a different
I spot multiple clipping errors
At least check a dictionary or something so you can spell “enemy” right
The scout doesn’t seem to care