The Engie "Welcome to the Team"

This is my first Major Comic Series!!! And Major Comic

rightclick --> view image


I mothafuckin hate those eyes.
Otherwise pretty good just get rid of those damn eyes.

I’ll get better to keep them from shrinking from frame to frame. :stuck_out_tongue: his eyes will stay.

Damn you

The eyes are awesome. And also Caboose use the media tag. I now have to install firefox to see the comic…

What’s that?

Everyone else can see this right??? Hopefully?

>,> need more CC!

Does your shit match ours


Whered you get the sticks of dynamite in the first picture. I thought they had the dreaded purple-black checkerboard textures?

On topic: I really like the posing in the first one. Its really awsome how the engie looks sitting in his chair smoking up. Really good.