The Engineer and the Washing Machine

After a hard day work,the Engineer wants to wash his clothes,like any other man. A guy who build’s Teleporter’s,dispencers and Turrets shoulda be able to do this,right? Well,not for our friend here…

Also: credit to the guy who made Scout’s Mom. But i have one problem: MAKE HER NEK SHORTER!

why does she have blood on her?

She has? Damnit. HOW CAN I BE SO BLIND?!

i can’t even tell what the fuck the engineer is standing in front of

The Engineer adn the WASHING MACHINE.

That ain’t no washing machine I’ve ever seen.

Sigh It’s supposed to look like one… If you played TF2,at the Intel,the’re’s some machine’s (you cant go there) wich looks like washing machines.

Posing is rather poor and so is graphics. Please turn up your AA.