The engineer finally hacked signal 17.

After deeply taking that picture in, click


i dunno why

but i liked it

nice! That’s awesome.

ok… simple. But it got the job done nevertheless. Your second picture is REALLY funny though. :golfclap:

That’s how it’s meant to be.

Just a little bonus

The engineer model looks weird.

The one on the TV is the low res one. I wanted it to look pixely.

meh, weak… 5/10

Oh, good, more broadcasts of the “YEAH TOAST” Show.

Butter on my toast?

I’ll put butter on your toast :smug:

silly engineer

And I’ll cook it :smug:

Why would you cook toast?

Grilled cheese sandvich.

thanks, i’m hungry now

I was too. I just made myself one.

Damn you, now I want some.


FUCK. We don’t have anymore bread.

This thread is now about grilled cheese.

Grilled Cheese Sandvich, damn you, now I’m hungry.