The Engineer gets a new toy.

"Gotta move that gear up! "


Feel free to comment or criticize. It’d also be interesting to see some of your edits of the unedited version to get a sense of how one should properly edit.

Looks nice. I can’t edit, but what in the name of God is the spy doing?

Everyone is always wondering what is the engineer update will be.

Attempting to backstab the Sniper, it’s just hard to see the knife in the lighting.

nice attempt, it looks pretty good

I like the smoke trail editing.

posing looks really bad,you need some practicing

Who in particular has bad posing?

Until he hits the invisible wall…

The engineer looks decent, but everyone else could use a bit more posing.

The editing is really good. It fits with TF2 - it looks “cartoonish”.
I would like it more if it didn’t have so many other people standing around. Things like that tend to a clutter picture with unwanted content that doesn’t really add to anything.
Good picture, though.

Edit: If you added SuperDOF to the background, it would be so awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

I did try to add SDOF but it made the Engineer blurry rather than the Background no matter how much I fiddled with it.

Weird. That shouldn’t happen.
Did you change the depth? (stupid question)

Looking good, perhaps with some blood/decals/corpses it would of been more real

the spy,the sniper,the pyro