The engineer running from his team mates after his latest tele failure.

I had a similar idea like that too.

People go in and come out low poly

Sorry D:

Side Effects of Teleporting may include but are not limited to:
-Loss of limbs
-Sudden dizziness
-Loss of Apatite
-Loss of Resolution

The arms of the engie could have been posed better.

I loled tho.

I lol’d

Posing on the engineer is unrealistic and the soldier looks very stiff(nobody sits that straight).
The low-poly guys are just dumb.May not be your fault tough.

did you even try to read the title?

Admittedly, they could, but I wanted to keep it simple, you are correct though.


Team Fortress 2? Realistic? And you’ve never seen someone from boot camp sit up straight?

I was talking about their posing but it may not be his fault because their Phys-Models are fucked or something like that.