The Engineer sees the world with his goggles.

Fiddled with Gimp brush, and then figured…“Why doesn’t the Engy get Mechani-Glow-Goggles…”

the goggles do not remove the shitty from these pictures


I got trolled! If this is a troll lol.

it’s not a troll! i thought about this, this gives so much life to the engie! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Found it amusing. Nice work!

“…but I’m not gonna give you any advice.”

I thought it was funny. Good faceposing.

It makes you wonder exactly what the engineer’s seeing… Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, anyone?


Shitty or not. I don’t care. I laughed. Have a funnie.

Why can’t people just enjoy the point sometimes.

I was expecting to see the world from his view, all Geordi-like or something… But OK.

A friend of mine has been sugesting for over a year now that the Engineer and/or Pyro should have animated goggles to depict their emotion (angry / scared / happy). If done in a subtle fashion, I think it’d be great. Maybe as part of a new hat?