The Engineer's New Invention! The Chop-Tele.

I think someone did this before.

Haha, nice :smiley:

Yes, yes I do belive so. What IS that gentlemaee-y clapping emote?

Yeah, that was me.

I love the rendition you did. Have an artistic.

I love it.
An artistic for you :smiley:

Those spys wont sap me now!

Engineers with these are going to spam “GOTTA CHOP THAT GEAR UP”.

Rated you both funny

Thanks y’all.

This should be in the Engineer update.
It’s bullet proof and hurt people when they touch it… So you gotta kill them from behind! :v:

The telechop. Works just like a normal teleporter, but has blades on the ends to deter spies. However, teammates need to jump over them in order to take the tele…

I think it’d be a good idea.


there is one blade missing in the blur

But still, awesome pic :smiley:

It bugs me that the spinning tele is the same tele four times, which makes perspective awkward.

Beautiful, GET TO DA CHOPPAH!!!


That spy’s like “oh… fuck.”