The Environment; Our #1 enemy

More ways to die. Creative, survivalistic ways to die.

The environment needs to be the #1 enemy, not other players. The environment should be so harsh and unforgiving that other players are critical for your survival. This would coerce (not force) people to work together.

Those who desire to play as a lone wolf shouldn’t be penalized, but it was always harder to get started in Rust by yourself, I think this should stay the same.

Only large groups or factions would have the resources to carry out large scale targeted raids, and even those would be a tactical nightmare. Solo guys could still raid but again would be more difficult by yourself.

Mutated plants that can eat you, bugs that can sting you and give you nasty debuffs, huge mutated animals stalking the forests, hail or snow storms, rock slides, even hurricanes and tornados would be cool. Anything that makes venturing out into the world dangerous is good.

and I still want to see that monster you guys concepted in the legacy main screen (you can see his shadow turning back and forth, it doesn’t look like a zombie, a human or anything else, what dafuq is that thing? I want to kill it >=D).

Obviously there is a fine line between fun and realism, but really all I am saying is that the environment should be what people fear in Rust, not each other. Thanks for reading.

Good points. I love the brutality of the wolves and bears. I cant count how many large initial harvests they have ended on me. I am finding myself gathering food under EXTREME caution. I am mor worried about the wolf sneak attack then other players.

I think this type of subject has been mentioned several times. They are currently working on a dust storm effects, but the weather is not important right now. That probably wont be done until after baseline has been achieved.

Honestly I think Rust is meant to be about fearing the players above all else. If you want more of a PVE/survive the elements focus you should go play dayz, dont starve, the long dark, 7 days to die, the forest, etc. Rust’s unique element is the focus on players as the true danger.

i think it’s a combination. the terrain, the wildlife, starving…they should all be deadly, and in the back of your mind. they should be the biggest threat to your survival. and then add human interaction.

the first day i played legacy, i experienced both sides of humanity. plenty of KOS on a player who had never played, and had nothing; but also had a player make me a hut, give me a door, metal hatchet and full kev.

people are the chaotic element; they shouldn’t be just a primary threat, but a risk that may or may not pay off.

I’d like number 1 threats to change randomly from time to time. I am really hoping that weather can do this. My main hopes are for sudden half day long bouts of extremely deadly weather every 1-3 days. Now we could combine this with making newspawns spawn in a particular boime with no deadly weather to keep folks from spawning in and being pulped by baseball hail for instance.

Maybe spawn in a some really deadly mutants with a stalking behavior in certain biomes on random nights. Give it a cloaking ability and make it stalk for a few minutes before going in for the kill. Imagine a sort of long drawn out wall master from Ocarina of Time feeling of dread as their occasional clicks and cackles get louder, and then eventually silence before they spring in for the kill. Forces folks to confront it or get inside as quick as possible.

The biggest point I am making here is to have occasional events where the environment becomes so dangerous that players and the enviroment become equally dangerous for a short period of time.

Totally disagree. Environment can be dangerous, but without fear of other player, it would not be Rust.

Rust 1.0 had a good balance. I like that on a crowded server it is hard when you are starting and alone.

Humans are always a better enemy than a programmed AI.

I like the idea of something in the game that is really badass, and would make players uneasy enough to the point where they have to team up to take it down.

Garry has mentioned something like this in the past and I like his thought process on that, my idea is simply an expansion on his… just bringing it more into other parts of the game, besides randomly scripted “events” like hurricanes or a huge robot monster attack (something similar to what Gary talked about a few months ago).

Like something that has mutated from the radiation? HELL YES!..Godzilla!! :-0

Godzilla?? NO, Chickenzilla?? Hell yes!!

Well, they did program in attack animations for the chickens…

Chickenzilla not only attacks you, but your house too!!

Would love to see Chickenzilla–all that model work for a critter that becomes meaningless after the second gameday. This way players will never forget the day they met… The King of Chickens.

(Anyone else see Mysterious Island as a kid?)