The epic and ongoing battle between Viking and knight

I know the background isn’t the greatest on these, but I think the actual posing, and editing of the vikings and knight was pretty good(for me anyway) I need to remember not to use in game DOF, because you can always see the line where it ends… Oh well

I wanted to make some cool sparks coming off the knight’s shield from the collision with the viking’s axe, but I couldn’t make it look right so I gave up.

Please fell free to make constructive comments and suggestions.


Here’s another angle of the second one, and an unedited version of the first.

Feel free to edit these! But I’d like to see the finished product, if you don’t mind.

Do you use Super DoF? Coz that works better.

The knight is falling, right?

Yeah sort of. he’s sort of being pushed back by the Viking…


No it was just simple DOF…

Stupid to ask, it’s probably in the release forums or in, but where did you get those models.

No such thing as a stupid question. Here is the link

They are the PVKII ragdolls and hexed weapons.

Good job! Those guys are pretty difficult to pose (The knight at least).