On the right side - The Bulgarian Army, which was responsible for the (past) nickname of Bulgaria “the Prussia of the Balkans”

And on the left side - The USA army, the most advanced army in the world that has been on the winning side of all major wars since the 20th century

AAAAAAAAND the battle begins -

I am sorry, but this is no epic.

those better not be NPCs I’m seeing

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and neither of those are what I would call an army, unless four guys, a couple of static jeeps, a tank and some dangerously low-flying jets constitutes an army

This is the most realistic battle i’ve seen in a long time…

Just look at them heli’s, They’re remote controlled!

lol guys pay attention to the epic battle in the video not the screenshots

lol guys no

Well then, if you just wanted to post the video… then you should of posted it here.
this is the [h2]GMOD[/h2] Screenshots & Movies.

maybe you’re right
ok i’ll close this shit thread and post it there… cheers

you don’t simply close threads, you’ll have to live with what you’ve posted until a moderator locks the thread. IF a moderator locks the thread

why do they have guns in the picture if the video is just some guys playing Tug of War? unless they get really fighty about losing a game I don’t see why these pictures are even relevant

too much epic for me sry

idiota99, what a nice nickname. Do you think it fits you perfectly?

Nerf the US, they have too many attack helicopters and jets!!!


Stop Posting and take some time to friggen improve.

Post something new when your skill becomes atleast somehwat DECENT.

kill yourself OP.

You’re new here aren’t you

COnsidering how close they are, a single shell could wipe them all out including the aircraft because of how low they are flying.