The Epic Roleplay Productions Team's First Movie

Hey, it’s Fumples again, creator and producer of the Atomic Riders series (If you haven’t heard of the series, check out my videos at For the past four days, I’ve been filming, editing, writing and producing the Epic Roleplay Production Team’s first movie ever. I am doing some finishing touches, however, and the finished product will be ready tomorrow on Youtube.

[edit] The video is now live on youtube! Be sure to check it out in HD![/edit]

then why post today? anyway…spose im looking fowerd to it

I posted today to give everyone a headsup that I’m releasing the new video. Sadly, due to exporting issues, I haven’t been able to upload it yet. It is finished exporting FINALLY, I will bump the thread when it’s up on YT.

Also, new poster I made in PS.

You don’t need to make threads for your movies, its not a movie that has thousands of people waiting for it to come out.

What do you mean? Everyone else is posting threads for their movies… Anyways, thanks for taking interest in the thread.

Also - bumped, the movie is posted up on the first post.

These people have the illusion that thousands will watch there video but when Mere numbers of 10-200 people will, and only about 30% of them from this form, its a waste of form space to say your releasing a video in a couple of hours, you basically made two threads for a video in one day, just one lacking the video and content.
Its annoying, and its a illusion you have set for your self.

your video still isnt here.

I don’t understand what you’re talking about. It’s obvious that only a few people were going to watch it, I was just posting the thread ahead of time, so I wouldn’t have to do it later, because I didn’t have much time later on. And, I didn’t basically make two threads because I’m not planning on making another… Well anyways look at the video and tell me how you like it :slight_smile:

As to Darius, the video is up now, enjoy :smiley:

You lost 50% of views from this forum, because people will not re-read this thread for the video.
Its also very little content, a video, and a poster! would of hurt to wait?

Did you enjoy the video?

Generic storyline, It was filmed good, alittle to much shaky camera, at the end I saw the un-froze thing, but I think it was a joke.
AND the jokes, the storyline jokes, AKA the knees not funny, the sex at the start, also dumb, the voice acting was bad.

Okay. It originally began as a comedy, but I took a more serious turn towards the middle and didn’t want to omit the jokes. The knees were a reference to Family Guy, but if you haven’t seen the episode it’s kind of hard to appreciate.

Thanks for the input.

Ive seen the episode, you should be able to make up your own jokes then re-use/steal ones back from years ago, that has been used so many times.

Hm. I haven’t seen it parodied anywhere else. Whatever, I’m sure there’s someone out there that will appreciate it.

dasbooshitt used it even…

In my opinion, You are failing at flaming Fumples out of his pride for his movie.

I couldn’t agree more.

Leave him be Scoutking, take your obviously correct rants to another thread.

I can’t declare if that is sarcasm or not, seeing I know you hate me, but my key points stick out a lot.
It was made “ok” but he used old famly guy jokes, that even the creator dasbooshitt used, so its un-orginal in the comedy department, But if he kept it serioues this rant wouldn’t exist.
Or if he used original jokes.

It was sarcasm.

I think they also meant that you were crying over the whole ‘posted thread a day before the movie release’ thing.

still a waste of room, wait a day, its sort of a sign of lazy habits, lack of self-control.