The Epiphany of Celesticu Fortifar and the Discovery of The Vortessence

Now kiddos, it’s time for a history lesson.

I found myself continually frustrated with these several pictures because I found so many good ways to edit it, from vibrant reds, to moody blues. In the end, I decided to hit a more mellow and moody tone rather than a bright sunset like picture. Although it would fit the theme of the story, but I felt it didn’t quite fit the theme of the Vortigaunts.

These last two pictures I was reluctant to add mainly because I thought they were quite redundant, but I felt they were pretty well done visually and scenically.

all i can say is
HD quality!
great pics

The antlion blood looks a bit crappy but the rest is awesome. Dawww vorts.

Yeah, I really hate the antlion blood spray.

I’m surprised nobody has made the vorts finger posable yet


And awesome pictars :smiley:

I should go and request it, with little to no chance of it actually being done.

1st pic: “Look at my enormous penis!”

I like the social structures you seem to set up with these lil guys :stuck_out_tongue:

it doesn’t look like xen

I’m limited to what’s available to GMod unfotunately.


though you could have edited the sky :allears:


Dual rectum. I think at least. Probably not though.

Why the fuck should you need 2 Assholes?

Double the alien sex :smug:

Lol pervert

Hmmm… why exactly aren’t there any good custom Xen maps for Gmod? They could be pretty kickass if done right.

Tell us another story mister!

Great work.